I've known Julie for almost 10 years. She is one of the most genuine and friendly people I have ever met. Her laugh is infectious, and her love for Will Smith is delightful. When I got to meet Micah, I knew he was the perfect fit for her! He's caring, silly, and deeply rooted in
The weather report was very grim. A huge storm was rolling through the entire state, and the closer we got the wedding day, the worse it was looking. After chatting with Dani a few days prior, I could tell her heart was very sad.  I mean, who wouldn't be heartbroken to find out t
Sometimes you just click with your clients in a really exceptional way. There is a level of trust and willingness to be creative that helps that connection a lot. With Nick and Emily, we clicked immediately. They are so nice, joyful, and genuine. So when it came to taking picture
Brett and Michelle are the kind of stand out people that you want to be around. They are kind, generous, talented, and they love Jesus a whole lot. When it came to their wedding day, all of that was reflected, and without any of the fluff. I love that their wedding was about Jesu