I Love concerts.

Big, small, free, or paid.

They are all awesome.

There is something about live music that makes life better. Creating music (even if practiced a thousand times) for a live audience is always special.

Last night I got to have a really special experience.

We drove 7 hours to LA to see Jayme Dee in concert.
If you don’t know Jayme’s stuff, check out her Youtube page.

Rules – Jayme Dee (live)

After a bit of snooping around, I was able to contact Jayme Dee’s manager and ask him for a press pass to bring my camera to the concert. When I had done this in the past, I often got ignored. And if I did get a response, it was usually just a simple:


When I didnt hear back from Jayme’s manager the morning of the show, I assumed it wouldnt happen. But I decided to bring my camera anyways, and document the trip regardless.

Right as we were pulling into Blythe, CA, I got the news. My email was met with a simple response: “Thanks for making the drive. Ill have a photo pass for you at will call.”

Tonight was gonna be a good night.

Not only did I get to take pictures during the show, we also got to hang out beforehand for the sound check. AND meet the opening acts,as well as Jayme herself.

Jayme’s drummer was even nice enough to even bring us beers from the green room! (Thanks so much Arri!)

The Concert was incredible. The opening bands were excellent, and Jayme was awesome as usual.

I hope you like the pictures!

You can view more pictures on my FACEBOOK

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