My Wedding: A Light Affair

May 12, 2014

On December 14th of last year, I married my best friend on what turned out to be the most fantastic day of my life. In the planning process, there were 4 things I was pretty opinionated about: The Food, The Photographer, The Venue, and  The Lights. I wanted there to be great food that wasn’t limited to traditional wedding fare (aka soggy chicken and limp veggies).  So, we called our good friends at Jimmy and Joes Pizzeria and had them bring boatloads of pizza and pasta for our guests to enjoy. Molly got the idea to do it at the Historic Heritage Square in downtown phx (and it happens to be one of my favorite photo spots in the valley as well!). We fell in love with the open air, garden feel and the really (and I mean really) fantastic staff. We wanted a photographer who understood our needs and had a distinct style, so we chose Daniel Kim who is a hybrid film/digital wedding photographer. I had admired his work for years, so I figured it would be a good fit. And finally, Molly came up with the idea for the entire wedding to be centered around light. She had her brother-in-law make a bouquet of lights, the bridesmaids carried mason jar lanterns, and the entire venue was decked out with thousands of lights. Our Pastors from The Spring officiated the wedding, and we couldn’t have asked for a more holy and purpose-filled ceremony. The day was full of a lot of tears, great joy, and celebration. Here are some of the pics captured by Daniel and his wife, Ashley, on our Wedding day!

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